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Orna Lev, viticulturist, winemaker and co-owner of Adam Winery with her husband Roni, did not expect to have a third career. Wine was not in her plans. After retiring from the IDF with the rank of major in the Intelligence Corps, she chose architecture and interior design and practiced it for two decades. In 2013 Orna's daughter invited her to join a winemaking course at Soreq and since then has immersed herself in the world of wine with total love and commitment. Two years later, she planted her own vineyard where she grows seven typical Mediterranean varieties, and with the help of family and friends makes some 4,000 bottles of wine solely from her own grapes at Soreq. The winery is named after Orna's father, Major-General Yekutiel Adam, who was killed in the 1982 Israeli-Lebanese War.

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