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American-born Lori Lender and her husband Shaike, joint owners and winemakers at Zafririm Winery, are known for making blends they name after historical ruins located close to their vineyards, homage to their background in archaeology. Lori’s ability for precise yet creative winemaking reflects her skills as an illustrator and literary editor. The couple opened their boutique winery in 2004 naming it after their farming community in the Judean Foothills. They renovated the old chicken coop to become the production area, wine cellar and visitors center. Lori, who studied winemaking at Soreq and completed the WSET level 2 course, is mostly responsible for their production of some 8,000 bottles a year including varietal Zinfandel, Colombard and Syrah wines, all sourced from vineyards in the newly-established "Judea Wines" Appellation of Origin.

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