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Having a keen interest in botany, soil, wine and the outdoors, Jocelyn Hogan Wilson decided on a career in winemaking and enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch in 2001 for a BSc degree in Oenology and Viticulture.  Following seven years of working for various wineries locally and overseas, she decided to team up with her parents, Dunstan and Patricia Hogan to start Hogan Wines. Jocelyn’s responsibilities include not only the winemaking, but also sources the grapes from various regions of the Western Cape, selecting vineyards suited in terms of climate and soil to the varietals she makes, as well as being responsible for local and international marketing. She is passionate about South African old vines and aims to produce elegant, site-specific wines through minimal intervention and gentle handling. The Lift, her biologically aged "flor" wine, inspired by winemakers in Jerez, is a 3-vintage blend of Chenin Blanc from the Swartland, and is just one of the unique wines she makes at a cellar in the Banhoek Valley, not far from the estate where her husband Nicholas farms proteas, plums, pears and apples, and the couple raise their two children. 

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