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Summer Wines From Amphorae

"Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in Spring"

When Nancy Sinatra sang these words in 1966 who would have dared to predict that we'd be suffering under a 36° Celsius heatwave - and its only mid-May - and with temperatures soaring its becoming almost impossible to enjoy deep, rich red wines outside of winter.

With this in mind, and the demand for fresh, fruity and easy-drinking wines on the rise, Amphorae have three Rosé wines on the market, all signed by the winery's new wine-making team of Maayan Koschitzky and Meiram Harel.

MED 2017 is the latest release of Amphorae's popular Blanc de Noir. This peach-colored blend of Carginan, Syrah and Merlot, with its floral aroma and fresh, acidic tastes of cranberries and young strawberries, is a red wine made in the white wine style. At 12.8% alcohol it is a wine intended to be enjoyed young, and well-cooled.

MED Terroir Golan 2017 and MED Terroir Carmel Slopes 2017 are limited series Rosé wines intended to express the region in which the grapes were grown.

The Golan is a blend of Syrah and Barbera grapes harvested from the Sha'al vineyard in the northern Golan Heights. It has a delicate pink tinge, a nose of peaches, and roses and delicate flavors of cranberries and light cherries. (12.5% ABV)

The Carmel is 100% Carignan sourced from a 44-year-old vineyard near the winery. It has fresh floral and strawberry aromas and a welcoming palate of red grapefruit. (11.7% ABV)

All three wines are priced at 79 shekels a bottle and carry the 100% Vegan authorization.

Photos by David Silverman. Copyright © 2018 dpsimages. All Rights Reserved

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