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Wine list with an agenda

Having dinner on the bar last night at Havat Zuk (@ZukFarmDeli) was without doubt a corrective experience.

It has definitely been a week of extremes. We started off at a brand new restaurant, let's keep it unnamed, with a lot of promise. Problem was, it just didn't deliver, most notably when it came to wine. They didn't even have a list, "red and white" was the response to my question, and greedily overpriced to boot. In the end we passed on having wine with our dinner, and splurged on ice-cream for dessert at the one-and-only Buza.

One might argue that Havat Zuk doesn't have a list either. True, but what they do have are shelves buckling with scores of mostly Israeli wines, from aged reds to refreshing whites, and all at reasonable prices. In line with their agenda of promoting the local wine industry, just pick your choice off the shelf, add a very fair 32 shekels (about US$8.50) corkage fee, and you're done. This is such an admirable policy, especially when compared to our earlier experience of the week.

To make matters even better, we were seated at the bar, right in front of the chefs, and without a menu ... we got whatever they thought was best for us. It was so interesting, it adds another dimension to your eating experience when you can interact with the people making your food. Did I say it was absolutely yummy?

Havat Zuk, as the name suggests, is a farm restaurant, with much of the produce grown on their estate in the Ella Valley and delivered to the restaurant, in north Tel Aviv, just hours after being picked. Same goes for their meat which comes from their own free-range grass-fed herds.

If you're looking for a wonderful night out, with the best choice of wines that I have seen in a long time and exciting healthy food all at a reasonable price, give them a call. You can find them online at

Photos by David Silverman. Copyright © 2017 dpsimages. All Rights Reserved.

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