Summer Wines From Amphorae

"Strawberries cherries and an angel's kiss in Spring" When Nancy Sinatra sang these words in 1966 who would have dared to predict that we'd be suffering under a 36° Celsius heatwave - and its only mid-May - and with temperatures soaring its becoming almost impossible to enjoy deep, rich red wines outside of winter. With this in mind, and the demand for fresh, fruity and easy-drinking wines on the rise, Amphorae have three Rosé wines on the market, all signed by the winery's new wine-making team of Maayan Koschitzky and Meiram Harel. MED 2017 is the latest release of Amphorae's popular Blanc de Noir. This peach-colored blend of Carginan, Syrah and Merlot, with its floral aroma and fresh, acid

Tura Winery's New Heights

The seeds for Tura Winery were sown in 1997 when Vered and Erez Ben Sa’adon, newly-married and idealistic intent on settling the hills of Samaria and realizing their Zionist values, moved into a caravan on Har Bracha and planted 20 dunam of vines in what would turn out to be one of the most impressive local terroirs. By 2001 their grapes were being sold to leading Israeli wineries such as Carmel and in 2003, with just four barrels, they started their own winery. Fast forward 15 years and Erez has fourteen varieties in 560 dunam of vineyards on Har Bracha and around Shilo under his green thumb. Tura Winery, now in the nearby settlement of Rachelim, produces 100,000 bottles of wine annually fr

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